Celebrating 11 Years in Corona-Norco

About Our Spiritual Center

Our Mission Is:

To embrace humanity and 
express divinity


Our Vision Is:

To be a heart-centered sacred community where people come together to grow in spiritual awareness - body, mind and spirit - and to be the hands and feet of God as love expressing in the world

Our Truth Is:

  • There is One Power and One Presence in the Universe


  • That One Power and One Presence is known by many names and is sought through many paths


  • God Is All and All is God


  • All creation is born into original blessing - pure, innocent and whole


  • All creation is Divine - everything is a part of the whole of creation


  • All human experience is a spiritual journey


  • The purpose of human experience is to realize oneness with God


  • The perceptions we hold determine our experiences in the moment


  • All action and thought are prayer


  • Prayer is conscious contact with God


  • A quiet mind supports prayer, meditation, and mindfulness


  • There is abundance in the Universe to which everyone is equally entitled


  • We demonstrate our oneness and union with God by active practice of spiritual truth in our everyday lives

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