Seven Main Chakras

First Chakra: ROOT (Basic will to live)

Location: Base of spine
Color Associated: Red
Associated Gland: Adrenals
Associated Body Parts: Bones, skeletal, structure

Chakra Too Open: Bullying, overly materialistic, self-centered
Chakra Blocked: Emotionally needy, fearful
Chakra Balanced: Demonstrates self-mastery, high physical energy, grounded, healthy
Main Issue: Survival, physical needs
Goals: Physical health, stability, connection to nature

Element: Earth
Shape: Square


Second Chakra: SACRAL (Store our Emotions)

Location: Lower abdomen
Color Associated: Orange
Associated Gland: Ovaries/testes
Associated Body Parts: Sex organs, bladder, circulatory system

Chakra Too Open: Emotional imbalance, manipulative
Chakra Blocked: Oversensitive, hard on self
Chakra Balanced: Trusting, expressive, attuned to own feelings, creative
Main Issue: Emotional balance/sexuality
Goals: Vitality, creativity, joy in living

Element: Water
Shape: Circle


Third Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS (Power Chakra)

Location: Stomach
Color Associated: Yellow
Associated Gland: Pancreas (insulin, digestive enzymes)
Associated Body Parts: Digestive system, muscles

Chakra Too Open: Angry, controlling, judgmental, superior
Chakra Blocked: Insecure, needs constant reassurance
Chakra Balanced: Respects self and others, personal power, spontaneous, uninhibited
Main Issue: Personal power, self-will
Goals: Purpose, effectiveness, self-respect

Element: Fire
Shape: Triangle


Fourth Chakra: HEART (Basic will to live)

Location: Center of chest
Color Associated: Green (pink)
Associated Gland: Thymus (Immune system)
Associated Body Parts: Heart, chest, lungs, circulation

Chakra Too Open: Possessive, loves conditionally, overly dramatic
Chakra Blocked: Fears rejection, loves too much, self-pity
Chakra Balanced: Compassionate, loves unconditionally, nurturing
Main Issue: Beliefs about love and relationships
Goals: Love, empathy, humanity

Element: Air
Shape: Hexagram


Fifth Chakra: THROAT (Communication)

Location: Throat
Color Associated: Sky Blue
Associated Gland: Thyroid and Para-thyroid
Associated Body Parts: Throat, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, neck

Chakra Too Open: Overly talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous
Chakra Blocked: Withholds self-expression, unreliable
Chakra Balanced: Good communicator, contented, artistically inspired
Main Issue: Communication, self-expression
Goals: Harmony with others, self-knowledge, creativity

Element: Ether
Shape: Crescent


Sixth Chakra: THIRD EYE (Door Within)

Location: Forehead/Brow
Color Associated: Indigo (deep blue)
Associated Gland: Pituitary
Associated Body Parts: Eyes, base of skull, nervous system

Chakra Too Open: Highly logical, dogmatic, authoritarian
Chakra Blocked: Undisciplined, fears success, sets sights low
Chakra Balanced: Charismatic, highly intuitive, unattached to material things
Main Issue: Intuition, wisdom
Goals: Ability to "see" other than with eyes

Element: Higher Ether
Shape: Knot


Seventh Chakra: CROWN (Self-realization)

Location: Top of head
Color Associated: Violet/gold/white
Associated Gland: Pineal (seratonin, melatonin)
Associated Body Parts: Upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin

Chakra Too Open: Psychotic or manic depressive, sense of unrealized power
Chakra Blocked: Constantly exhausted, can't make decisions, no sense of belonging
Chakra Balanced: Magnetic personality, achieves "miracles" every day, at peace with self
Main Issue: Spirituality, enlightenment, self-realization
Goals: Expanded consciousness

Element: Light
Shape: Lotus


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