Covenant Fellowship FAQs

Q: What is Covenant Fellowship?
A: Covenant Fellowship is a committed relationship between Common Ground Corona and a person who expresses a desire to further the purpose of Common Ground Corona.

Q: Is it the same as membership?
A:  It is similar to membership but is actually a much deeper commitment.

Q: What is meant by deeper commitment?
A: Unlike becoming a member of an organization simply by making application, paying fees and/or stating intention; such as with political parties, churches, social organizations, etc.; Covenant Fellowship with Common Ground Corona carries with it a deep commitment to regularly contribute time, talent, service and resources toward the purpose of the spiritual center.

Q: Are there any requirements?
A:  Yes. Those wishing to enter into Covenant Fellowship partnership are asked to attend a foundational class/reception, which explores the mission, vision and purpose of Common Ground Corona and how it functions as a ministry. This class is held the Friday evening prior to the formal Sunday ceremony.

Q: Are there required beliefs?
A:  No. However, those entering into Covenant Fellowship must be willing to work for religious humility and acknowledge ecumenism that lets all spiritual traditions speak for themselves.

Q: What about tithing?
A:  A Covenant Fellowship partner must have a giving-consciousness. Tithing is basic training for the consciousness of giving. A person's giving consciousness is not monitored. That will be left to the consciousness of each individual.

Q: How does a person enter into Covenant Fellowship?
A: By completing an application and acknowledgement of requirements and then submitting it to Common Ground Corona.

Q: Can this be done at any time?
A:  Yes. Applications are available year-round.

Q: Then what happens?
A: In February, individuals newly entering to Covenant Fellowship will be honored in a formal dedication ceremony.

Q: Can a person be part of Common Ground Corona without entering into Covenant Fellowship?
A:  ABSOLUTELY! Everyone is welcome and invited to participate in activities at  Common Ground Corona. The decision to enter into Covenant Fellowship is a very deep commitment. While everyone is  invited to consider Covenant Fellowship, everyone is equally  encouraged to prayerfully consider whether or not such a commitment  serves their highest personal interest. Only those who are ready to do so are encouraged to make the choice to enter into this covenant.

Q: Can I be a member of another spiritual community and still enter into Covenant Fellowship at Common Ground Corona?
A: Yes. Covenant Fellowship at Common Ground Corona is open and inclusive. We honor all paths to God, all spiritual traditions and all religious institutions.

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